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Are the 911 Taxes on Cell and Landlines Abused?

Are the 911 Taxes on Cell and Landlines Abused?

Rhode Islanders pay $17 million plus in E-911 fees: $1 per month for landlines and $1.26 per month for cell phones. $5.4 million is budgeted for the 911 Center at the State Police Headquarters in Scituate and $12 million goes directly into the RI General Fund, not into our local emergency services where upgrades to call centers and equipment is desperately needed. Rhode Island is assessing a tax and then funneling it into the State General Fund rather than utilizing the tax revenue that is generated as it was originally intended

Cranston State Representative Robert Lancia will be introducing legislation today to ensure that all of the money goes to support our local and state emergency services, protecting our tax dollars that are so often used outside of its intended use. Please stand with Representative Lancia’s effort to introduce, and effectively pass this legislation, and contact your local state Senator and Representative to see how they intend to support this legislation.

Justin La Croix, Contributing Editor
Laura Rom, Editor

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