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Tiverton Taxpayers’ Association questions deserve answers


To the editor:

As a Navy war veteran, I know what it takes to find common ground but common ground is hard to find when there is a lack of clear vision from those who dance around or dodge the tough questions.

The Tiverton Taxpayer’s Association (TTA) recently sent me a survey regarding key issues of possible contention during the upcoming year long review of the town charter. These questions were tough and very direct but fair, especially when so much is at stake to ensure that we don’t revert back to antiquated methods of developing the budget that left Tiverton taxpayer’s footing the bill – high tax increase after high tax increase. Or worse yet, lose the ability to vote for the budget and taxes directly on a secret ballot by putting the Town Council in charge. You can read my responses to this survey as well as others by visiting the following:


It is disappointing to see that nearly half of those who have decided to run for the Charter Review Commission have neglected to answer the tough questions, or are hiding behind waffling responses that leave me scratching my head – what do they have to hide? I believe their silence regarding the TTA survey speaks volumes about their true intentions. I have also read on another survey website where one candidate’s response talks about altering the FTR (your ability to keep taxes under control) but is once again dodging the issue by not providing clear specifics on how they would like to see the FTR neutered and this is very troublesome to me.

I would like to work with others and listen to varying opinions on how we can improve the existing language within the town charter but I need more than election driven tag lines or phrases before I can truly understand or see validity in opposing viewpoints.

The TTA is the driving force in keeping taxes in check and after reading the responses to the survey conducted by the TTA I am confident that the slate of candidates endorsed will offer up more than just being a “fresh face” and new “perspectives” – we offer clear direction through our ability to answer the tough questions directly. If elected to the Charter Review Commission, TTA candidates will continue their proven track record to control Tiverton’s tax increases. I look forward to being a clear voice for the taxpayer’s and ask for your vote on Tuesday, July 18, because together we can protect the FTR, protect gaming revenue, and most importantly protect the ability of taxpayers in Tiverton to be heard.

Justin La Croix


Candidate for Charter Review Commission.


tubby barton

“a survey regarding key issues of possible contention during the upcoming year long review of the town charter. “? Let’s be honest, Justin. The TTA/TCC is a one-trick pony that only cares about their taxes. It sounds like you have found your calling with these folks. Is there anything in your letter that even pretends to care about any of the other issues or concerns regarding the charter?

To pretend they and are you are something different is disingenuous at best. Why can’t you just come out and admit it? Nothing else matters in the community to you folks except your taxes. To pretend anything differently would be as comical as the cynical Tiverton Cares “charity” that is going to care for the less fortunate among us…yes, we are still waiting.

Mike DeCotis

Justin, I contacted you privately to offer a meeting to get to know each other but you’ve not responded as you said you would after you returned from being away. I am a “fresh face” and for this letter referencing us I call BS on your attempt to state some candidates are waffling or hiding. You have my email so when you decide to meet its on you. No disrespect but let’s be honest here. We made an attempt to reach out to you- but what attempt besides an impersonal questionnaire has any member of the TTA made to speak with us?

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