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Delinquent Taxes over $1million at the start of 2017

 Delinquent Taxes over $1million at the start of 2017

2016 is now history and delinquent taxes in Little Compton are alive, and well, as in over $1million in principal and penalties combined. The pattern of yearly increased uncollected taxes is quite concerning since the November 2004 election of Mary Jane Harrington as the Little Compton Tax Collector. How did this problem become so immense, who is responsible for the years of neglect and more importantly, how will the town collect the $1million in delinquent taxes and penalties? Hopefully, the Tax Collector, the Town Council and the Budget Committee will have answers for the many responsible Little Compton property owners that pay their taxes.

Delinquent Property Taxes
Principal: $564,219.04
Penalty     $150,989.38
Total:      $715,117.42

Delinquent Motor Vehicle Taxes
Principal: $56,009.87
Penalty:   $20,144.48
Total:     $76,154.33

Delinquent Tangible Taxes
Principal: $45,095.76
Penalty     $15, 947.02
Total:      $61,042.78

(source: December 15, 2016 Little Compton Delinquent Tax Database)

Laura Rom, Editor
Rhody Red Press

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