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Do Your Job

“Do your job” is a simple yet often used phrase famously coined by Patriot’s NFL Coach Bill Belichick.

Overdue taxes in Little Compton have consistently increased since 2004. The November 5, 2016 Little Compton Taxpayers Newsletter states “The annual auditor’s report has repeatedly flagged certain problems in the Treasurer’s office with no apparent end in sight. This includes a separation of people who collect money and those who write the checks and bank balances not being equal to the Town’s checkbook”.

How long have the Town Council, Budget Committee, Little Compton Taxpayers Association and more importantly, residents of Little Compton known that their Tax Collector has not been doing her job? What are the “certain and numerous problems” reported by the taxpayers association within the Treasurer’s Office? Is there any oversight of tax receipts and revenue deposits in the collection of taxes? Is the tax database accurate? Who has access into the database? Who is responsible for submitting tax data for the required annual Audit Report submitted to the RI Office of the Auditor General? Has there ever been a request for an external audit of the Treasurer’s Office?

There seems to be a whole lot of unanswered questions regarding tax collecting; perhaps the residents of Little Compton can get these questions answered.

Laura Rom, Editor
Rhody Red Press

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