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Little Compton Meeting Agenda – Tax Collector Discussion (meeting postponed until February 14, 2017

Notice of Meeting

All items on this agenda are to be discussed and/or acted upon

Little Compton Budget Committee Town Council Chambers
40 Commons

Thursday, February 2, 2017 7:00PM

1. Call to order

2. Review and vote on Minutes of January 24, 2017 and January 25, 2017 meetings.

3. Communications

4. Outstanding and Delinquent Taxes and Fines o Discuss next steps for Treasurer; Any necessary actions

5. Budget Planning

6. Public Input

7. Meeting Adjournment

All are welcome to any meeting at the Town, which is open to the Public. If communications assistance (readers, captioners, interpreters) is needed or any other accommodation to ensure equal participation, please contact the Secretary of the Committee (401-400-2294) at least three business days prior to the meeting.

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  1. This meeting has been postponed until February 14, 2017.

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