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Louis Escobar; Portsmouth’s Famous Farmer on Film

Louis Escobar; Portsmouth’s Famous Farmer on Film

Louis Escobar always wanted to be a dairy farmer and he is living his life’s dream. Forgotten Farms is a documentary directed by Dave Simonds, an actor, filmmaker and writer, and producer Sarah Gardner. The event is being hosted by NewportFILM with support from the Aquidneck Land Trust.

Forgotten Farms will be screened at the Portsmouth Abbey School Auditorium, 285 Corys Lane, Portsmouth on Tuesday, March 7. A pre-film wine and cheese reception featuring Rhody Fresh cheese is at 6:00pm and the film will begin at 7:00pm with a cost of $20 for the reception and film and $12 for just the film. A question and answer session will follow with Mr. Simonds and Jane and Louis Escobar who have been married for 30 years.

The film features 78 year old Mr. Escobar and five or six other farmers. “Forgotten Farms shows the cultural divide between the new food movement and traditional farming, highlighting the need to examine differences, develop mutual understanding and find common ground. Its premise is that a truly sustainable local food system must rely on all farmers in order to benefit everyone”.

Mr. Escobar, said the documentary portrays “family farmers, commercial producers who fill the dairy case in the supermarket in a more positive light”.  “It really points out to people how much we care about our animals and how much we put them ahead of us, all the time, it’s a hardline of work for anyone” said Ms. Escobar

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