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Oppression in Tiverton


OPPRESSION: “a situation in which people are governed in an unfair and cruel way and prevented from having opportunities and freedom” Source: English Dictionary

Oppression is happening in Tiverton with the “power grab” between the elected Charter Review Commission and the elected Town Council.

Tiverton Power Grab

The Tiverton Charter Review Commission (CRC) is a power grab. They are grabbing power from the unions and giving it to the Town Council and School Committee. They are grabbing power from the School Committee and giving it to Tiverton citizens for school choice. They are protecting and enhancing the power that Tiverton citizens already have to control their taxes through the Financial Town Referendum ( FTR). What will the CRC do next, grab power from the State and give it to Tiverton citizens? Maybe. It is a power grab, and I am proud to be a CRC Commissioner grabbing the power to protect the liberty and freedom for the people of Tiverton.

The FTR is a democratic process that empowers each Tiverton voter to control their property taxes. The commissioners on the CRC have pledged to protect the FTR, pledged to protect voters freedom to control the town’s purse strings and to protect their own property (your tax money is your property). The Tiverton Town Council has submitted a Charter proposal to eliminate the FTR, eliminating your freedom to control your taxes. All Charter proposals require a “reason for change” and the “effect of the change”. The CRC will be reviewing the Town Council proposal soon, they will be on the spot to explain how eliminating the FTR is a good idea, and how it will benefit Tiverton.

The State General Assembly gives power to state and town unions allowing negotiation of anything. I have counted over 60 terms and conditions that are negotiated by Tiverton public unions (police, school, fire, town). I would venture to say most Tiverton residents have never had the opportunity to negotiate anything with their employers, other than maybe salary. The CRC is considering a proposal to negotiate salary and the duration of the contract only, moving power from the state sponsored unions to local town government, moving power closer to Tiverton citizens.

The CRC meets on April 2, 16, and 30 at 7:00 PM in the Tiverton Public Library. Please come see how the CRC votes on proposals that take your freedom and money and listen to why the Tiverton Town Council thinks it is a good idea to eliminate the FTR.

Richard Rom
Member, Tiverton Charter Review Commission

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