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Their mission — cut the budget and life out of Tiverton


To the editor:

At least every six years, Tiverton elects a Charter Review Commission to review our towns charter. This commission’s duty is to review the charter in its current form. This commission meets for one year and makes recommendations for amendment revisions/additions. On election day. November, 2018, any proposed alterations are added to the ballot and voters have the final say to accept or reject those amendments. The charter is, therefore, the most important legal document of the town of Tiverton. It’s much more than the budget process and protecting the FTR.

When electing a committee, the goal should be to vote for candidates that possess different views. ensuring the balance of the committee’s makeup. This guarantees there will be no absolute control by one particular group to push through any agendas. This shouldn’t and cannot happen to Tiverton.

A local political action committee will send you glossy mailers and will make robocalls. Their goal to is lower taxes to the point where the town cannot provide essential needs for its residents. Three candidates who currently sit on your budget committee — Donna Cook, Nancy Driggs and Jeff Caron — voted to end funding for Trunk or Treat and the Christmas Tree Lighting for our community. These three candidates voted to give the school department $1 more than the previous year’s budget. This continues to prove that the TTA candidates have no regard for the children’s education.

The TTA’s candidates have one mission which is to slash the towns budget so deeply that eventually the town will struggle to keep its head above water. Have you ever had any Tiverton Taxpayer Association candidate knock on your door to introduce themselves? They only write letters to the editor, send robotic phone calls and use social media/internet forums.

These fiscally conscious candidates waste thousands on glossy mailers as their way to interact with residents that they seek to represent. The trio of candidates including myself, Jennifer Joslyn and David Paull are open minded, conscientious and respectful candidates who have all Tiverton’s residents in mind.

There needs to be revisions to our current FTR and such changes should include the requirement of more than 50 signatures when submitting a petitioner’s budget. All budgets should be fully transparent and must include line items so that voters can easily distinguish how services and departments are funded by each proposed budget. Don’t be fooled into voting for a slate of Tiverton Taxpayer Association candidates because of their glossy mailers. Please come meet the candidates at the Tiverton Public Library Monday, July 17 from 6-9 p.m. for a meet-and-greet with all 24 invited candidates.

Michael C. DeCotis


Candidate for Charter Review Commission.


Joe Sousa

Tiverton Happening Face Book is back as an open group ,check it out.

Mike Pay Raises for union employees every 365 days along with step increases does not fix our pot holes or aging infrastructure. You are a mouth piece for the Tax and Spend crowd .

tubby barton

You are absolutely right, Joe. What WILL fix our pot holes and aging infrastructure (and trash mess) is appropriately managing the town’s budget and budget process. The current system isn’t working and only making our roads and infrastructure worse.

How much has Katz, Caron and Co. advocated for increasing the line items for these things with their extremist budgets? How effective is saving $20/year on property taxes a good deal when I’m paying 10x that for an alignment every spring? The system is broken, it’s time to fix it. God bless America and democracy!

joe sousa

Tiverton Happening Face Book is back as an open group ,check it out.

Tubby boy, losing the few businesses we have to surrounding communities is not a good plan. Taxes can sink a small business. Pay raises are all you look for Tubby, being a town worker.

tubby barton

OK, Joe wanting to keep my truck’s suspension enact makes me a “town worker”. The fact of the matter is YOU are the only poster on here that has drawn a check from the town.

How in the world is improving infrastructure and quality of life in town going to deter small business? You should listen to yourself sometimes, no one is talking about raising taxes except you.

joe sousa

Tubby, High taxes hurt every one. Small Town, Small Government, Small Budget. Do some work for the dollars we pay you.

joe sousa

Tiverton Happening Face Book is back as an open group ,check it out.

Richard Rom

Thanks for taking a stand on the FTR, however, increasing the number of signatures required for an elector budget proposal would make it more difficult for an elector ballot petition and the democratic process. Collecting 50 valid signatures is not an easy task and is sufficient to keep trivial proposals from the ballot. The current Town Charter gives the elector the option to increase line by line or to let the Budget Committee determine the changes to the line items. The Budget Committee operates in total public view so everything is transparent as is the FTR’s current structure.

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