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Tiverton Charter Review Commission

The Tiverton Charter Review Commission has 24 candidates vying for 9 positions.   With the absentee ballot deadline of June 27 and the election on July 18 quickly approaching, there is little time for the voters of Tiverton to learn just what the 24 candidates are all about.  Leading up to Election Day, Rhody Red Press will be re-posting Letters to the Editor as well as candidate questions  and any other information available to help voters have a clear understanding of all 24 candidates.  Despite the article in the Sakonnet Times, the candidates are not on the ballot in alphabetical order, but rather numbered by a Tiverton Board of Canvassers lottery.
Candidates for the Tiverton Charter Review Commission
(Listed by ballot placement):
1  Justin La Croix
2   Nancy Driggs
3   Michael Burk
4   Jeffrey Caron 
5   Michael Janice
6   Richard Rom *
7   Robert Coulter
8   Gregory Jones
9   Raymond Fougere
10  Laura Rom *
11  John Perkins
12  Stephen Clarke
13  William Gerlach
14  Jason Mello
15  Madeline O’Dell
16  William Lopes
17  Kimberly Sutherland
18  David Perry
19  Andrea Souza
20  Donna Cook
21  David Paull
22  Jennifer Joslyn
23  Donna Edwards
24  Michel DeCotis

* Disclosure:Richard Rom and Laura Rom, Editors of Rhody Red Press are candidates for the Tiverton Charter Review Commission.



  1. fran provost

    What are the Charter paragraphs that are in contention and what does each candidate say about each?

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