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Tiverton voters choose 9 charter review winners

Sakonnet Times Posted

TIVERTON — Nine citizens won seats on the Tiverton Charter Review Commission in a town-wide election Tuesday. All nine were endorsed by the Tiverton Taxpayers Association.
With 100 percent of the seven precincts reporting, the results for election of members for the charter review commission are listed below (the top nine vote-getters won seats).
A total of 1,999 ballots were cast, a 16.1 percent voter turnout of the 12,415 registered voters in Tiverton.
The new commission members will have up to one year to complete proposed revisions to Tiverton’s Home Rule Charter, after which their proposals will go to the Tiverton Town Council for approval, revision, or rejection, and then to the voters in the November 2018 general election.
(Figures shown in parentheses are number of votes obtained, and percent of total votes cast.)
1. Justin W. LaCroix (975, 48.77%)
2. Robert D. Coulter (955, 47.77%)
3. Nancy L. Driggs (928, 46.42%)
4. Jeffrey E. Caron (923, 46.17%)
5. Donna J. Cook (923, 46.17%)
6. William F. Lopes (899, 44.97%)
7. Stephen T. Clarke (889, 44.47%)
8. Richard A. Rom (880, 44.02%)
9. Raymond D. Fougere (874, 43.72%)
10. Kimberly A. Sutherland (781, 39.06%)
11. Donna W. Edwards (719, 35.96%)
12. Michael F. Janick (677, 33.86%)
13. Andrea L. Souza (656, 32.81%)
14. Michael C. DeCotis (652, 32.61%)
15. Jennifer L. Joslyn (647, 32.36%)
16. Michael S. Burk (597, 29.86%)
17. Jason C. Mello (597, 29.86%)
18. David J. Paull (578, 28.91%)
19. David Perry (576, 28.81%)
20. Gregory B. Jones (535, 26.76%)
21. William P. Gerlach (510, 25.51%)
22. Laura A. Rom (206, 10.30%)
23. Madeline L. O’Dell (184, 9.20%)
24. John A. Perkins Jr. (128, 6.40%)

Justin W. La Croix

Thank you to everyone who came out to support each and every candidate! it was a beautiful day and I have the sunburn to prove it!

joe sousa

Clearly the FTR was an issue. Victory for the people!

Nancy L Driggs

Thank you, Tiverton voters, for participating in this election – one ballot shy of 2,000 voters. A lot of candidates put time and energy into their races, and it showed in the turn-out and the enthusiasm.

Laura Rom

A very clear message and a lot of passion and hard work by the TTA Candidates, as well as enormous support from the voters yesterday equals a huge sweeping victory! Mr. Burk, the voter numbers do not support your claim that a “small special-interest faction, only interested in self interests and not building up the community” was responsible for the TTA victory. Obviously, the majority of voters do not see the same self-proclaimed vision that you see for Tiverton.


Clear and strong message sent by the voters! You dont like it get out of town!

Local Bargain Jerk

“Laura Rom” said:

— Obviously, the majority of voters do not see the same self-proclaimed vision that you see for Tiverton.

Maybe you’re pulling our leg, but are you the same Laura Rom who came in 22nd out of 24 candidates? If you’re not Laura A. Rom, the candidate, please kindly put a sock in it. Please consider being a gracious victor.

If you are the Laura A. Rom who received 206 votes, how does that old saying go about glass houses and throwing stones?

joe sousa

She supported the TTA even though she didn’t win, Jerk. A for the TTA is a win for us all.

Laura Rom

Local Bargain Jerk: I f you bothered to comprehend the Letters to the Editor, I was a candidate for the CRC and had the same clear message as the 9 member slate of TTA candidates. If there were 12 seats available, the TTA would have endorsed all 12 candidates. We are not cowards hiding behind a fictitious name. We strongly believe what we say and obviously the majority agreed and was just as strong stating their beliefs with their vote last Tuesday.

My husband Richard Rom was on the TTA slate and will be one of your new commissioners. This was a hard fought race by all the candidates, most were gracious and respectful towards each other during the long 13 hour voting day…the way it should be. Perhaps you should stop being a jerk now that the election is over and start being constructive and helpful to get whatever message you believe across…you may just find that the newly elected CRC would like a dialogue and will listen to suggestions. You would have to state your real name for the record and that might be beyond your ability.

joe sousa

Laura A. Rom we know the un endorsed candidates had only the best interest for the town, and hope you will assist the committee in their endeavor to make Tiverton a great town for all it’s residents. God Bless

Local Bargain Jerk

Ms. Rom:

My simple point was this: You called out Mr. Burk — who was not quoted in nor had had commented on this article — and told him that “Obviously, the majority of voters do not see the same self-proclaimed vision that you see for Tiverton.”

I found your insulting statement odd since the results listed above show that Mr. Burk received nearly 3 times as many votes as you did. I also thought that it was hardly gracious for a “victor” to be rubbing other people’s noses in her team’s “victory”.

I you had bothered to understand the meaning of the words “gracious and respectful”, you would not have made an unprovoked attack on Mr. Burk. Enjoy your conversations at the dinner table.

Laura Rom

Local Bargain Jerk: If you read all local articles pertaining to the election results, you would have seen Mr. Burk’s Newport Daily News comment on Wednesday morning that I quoted regarding the TTA victory. There was nothing gracious or respectful about Mr. Burk’s comment. Perhaps you have the notion that graciousness and respect are traits for winners only?  I would have total expected that the well-known Mr. Burk would have had many, many more votes than me, I was surprised that he was not in the top 9. Fortunate for me, I spent 0 dollars, had 0 signs and 0 flyers to dispose of with my huge loss. But my win was talking to and getting to know some wonderful people from town, including some CRC candidates and their awesome supporters.

Thank you Joe Souza, I will be very much involved in the discussions surrounding the recommendations from the newly elected CRC.

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