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Will Rhode Island issue a driver’s license for undocumented (illegal) immigrants?

If Bill S0183 clears the majority of the 38-member Senate and then passes through the majority of the 75-member House of Representatives, the answer is yes.

Rhode Island General Assembly
An Act
Relating to Motor Vehicle and Other vehicles – Operator’s License

Senate Bill: 2017 – S0183

Introduced February 1, 2017, referred to Judicial Committee February 2, 2017

Allows DMV to issue driving privilege licenses/permits to applicants unable to establish lawful presence in US which are not valid for ID purposes to take effective July 1, 2018.

“Any applicant for a license under this subsection shall be required by the division to provide a valid social security number unless the applicant provides satisfactory proof that their presence in the United States is authorized under federal law but they are ineligible for a local security number. A license issued under this subsection shall be a valid form of identification for federal or state purpose”.

Sponsored By:
Sen. Frank Ciccone [D]
Sen. Donna Nesselbush [D]
Sen. Ana Quezada [D]
Sen. Elizabeth Crowley [D]
Sen. Joshua Miller [D]

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